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Cross your heart and hope you don’t drop dead in Delhi!

Cross your heart and hope you don’t drop dead in Delhi!
We are so embroiled in our day-to-day lives that a man lying dead in the street goes unregistered.

Recently, this correspondent, while passing through Anand Vihar saw a body of a handicapped person lying in a pool of blood. He might as well have been invisible: the vehicles were passing by without stopping and people gathered around merely to stare. None took the initiative to inform the police.

A PCR call was made by this correspondent. After 20 minutes, a PCR van reached the spot but failed to take any action for the next 10-15 minutes. No policeman bothered to check if the man was still alive. They just declared him dead.

Few steps away from the crime scene, there was a police picket, but the barricades were put up for formality sake. The policemen who were posted there were not there.

After 20 minutes, an ambulance came to pick up the body of the man, who was allegedly killed in a road accident. But the police already had their theory in place. ‘The deceased must have tried to cross the road by jumping the divider, which is more than six feet,’ said an official present there.

They came to this conclusion because the deceased’s clutch has been found by the railing. Only after a lot of persuation did the cops register a hit and run case against some unknown vehicle in Madhu Vihar police station. The body has been sent for post-mortem examination.
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