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Cristiano Ronaldo – the 30-minute asst manager?

 Abreshmina S Quadri |  2016-07-12 22:33:40.0  |  New Delhi

Cristiano Ronaldo – the 30-minute asst manager?

After the 90 minutes of gameplay, the stadium was greeted by a spirited sight as Ronaldo walked on the pitch and talked to all the players pumping them up and lifting their morale. What followed was a spectacle that was heart-warming yet hilarious. 

Throughout the extra time, Ronaldo was seen standing on the sidelines shouting out instructions to his teammates along with the Portuguese manager Fernando Santos. Even the commentators started laughingly discussing the probabilities of Ronaldo as a future manager.

 Just as the extra time went into the halfway break, Ronaldo again talked to each player attempting to push his teammates through. Eder, after the match, even said that Ronaldo had told him that he would score the goal.

 Ronaldo also produced an awe moment when he pointed at the wrist towards the players indicating that the time was running out just like his manager at Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson who he calls his second father.

What was wonderful to watch was how enthusiastic Ronaldo was about contributing towards the spirit of the team. Maybe the commentators were right; Ronaldo did show good prospect of being a pumped up manager.

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