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‘Crimes in Rajasthan up by 14% in 2013’

‘Crimes in Rajasthan up by 14% in 2013’
Rajasthan has recorded 1,96,224 cases of crime, including 3,285 of rape and 1,573 murder, in 2013, about 14.79 per cent higher than 2012, according to a state police report.
Crimes against women also saw an alarming jump of 32.65 per cent with 29,150 cases recorded in 2013, as against 21,975 cases in 2012, the police department’s annual report presented in the Rajasthan Assembly on 11 July said.
Dowry related deaths, however, saw a modest decline with 453 cases recorded in 2013 as against 478 in 2012.
Of the total 1,96,224 crime cases recorded in Rajasthan in 2013, 1,573 were related to murder, 59 dacoity, 4,986 abductions, 3,285 rapes, 28,928 thefts, 1,065 loot, attempt to murder 1,662, clashes and other violence 542, and 1,48,341 miscellaneous crime cases.
Of the total 29,150 cases of crimes against women, Rajasthan police produced 98.90 challans (chargesheet) in the courts, while the pending rate of such cases in the stipulated year was 9.41 per cent, while 44.73 per cent of such cases were found false.
There was also sharp rise in crimes against Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people with a total of 8,116 cases recorded in 2013, which was 4.13 per cent higher as compared to year 2012.
Under SC and ST categories, Rajasthan recorded 97 murders, 83 cases of serious injuries, 377 rape, and 7392 miscellaneous cases under various acts in 2013.
Under the Arms act, the state police has registered 5,304 cases after recovering 308 rifles, 689 revolver, 2,265 live cartridges and numerous sharp-edged weapons by arresting 5,431 persons.
Of the 441 cases received from the Human Right Commission (centre and state), the state police resolved only 271 cases.
For modernisation of police in Rajasthan in the fiscal year 2013-14, the Centre has approved a grant of Rs 31.65 crore under non-plan budget, and the state of Rajasthan contributed its share of Rs 22.10 crore.
Whereas in the plan head, the central government approved to the state police a sum of Rs 58.06 crore and the state’s contribution was at Rs 38.71 crore.
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