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‘Crime Capital’ not a nice tag

The spate of kidnapping, raping and killing of children in the national capital territory and in other places of the country indicates a dastardly trend that is spiralling out of control. Recently, two siblings aged five and seven, were kidnapped and killed in Delhi, an incident which is not in the least isolated and symptomatic of the deplorable law and order situation in Delhi. The recent spate of crime against women, mostly young college-going going girls, as well the numerous other crimes that do not leave out women whose age can easily range fro two to 80 years, calls for comment. The people in the city of Delhi do not feel safe any longer. It is inexplicable why the police in Delhi is not able to control the rising crimes in the city, despite it being the national capital and an extremely pampered city. Instead, Delhi has now become the crime capital of the nation. Each year, the police gets more negligent and slack, leading to this horrifying spurt in crime.

While the statistics for the year 2013 are not yet available, those for the year 2012 make shocking reading. Till August 2012, 1,147 robberies had been reported, compared to 1,027 in 2011 and 454 rapes were committed as against 408 the previous year year, and 285 cases of attempted murders in contrast to 268 in 2011. Each year the police brutally cracks down on the raging youth who protest the crimes against women, and each year it forms toothless vigilante committees to solve the crimes. What then is then the purpose of the large police force that is stationed in Delhi, if it persecutes the innocent and let the criminals get away? Furthermore, what purpose would the setting up of fast track courts of law serve when the victims continue to suffer? The alarming situation of law and order that prevails in Delhi in its surrounding towns is in spite of the measures for law and order that this government takes each none of which prove to be of any worth. As denizens of Delhi suffer, the police seems to be busy guarding only the VIPs. It is disgraceful that the police has not even been able to prevent growing attacks on children despite the slew of preventive measures having been announced in December last year. Moreover, a thorough probe needs to be undertaken immediately enquiring into the reasons for the rising rate of crime against women and children. While the criminals deserve no mercy and harshest of possible punishments must be meted out to them, the pervasive social conditions leading to the explosion of crime in the city must also be brought into the light.
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