Creativity exploded

Creativity exploded
The concept of perception and nature is brought together successfully by an artist, who has to work with both in order to bring about an admirable work of creativity. He works with colours in the same way a mason works with bricks and cement in order to create an infrastructure, a chef uses his culinary skills and aesthetic sense to make his food look and taste better, a photographer works with his lenses to capture beauty in the best way possible. Form to formless, light to shade, borders and beyond – the artist sustains possibilities endlessly in his penance. 

Where Spring is concerned, which is a prime inspiration for artists, automatically the technique, use of colours and creativity becomes more evident in the artworks. A group exhibition of   paintings, photography and sculptures titled ‘Raag Basant’ had commenced on Friday at Lalit Kala Akademi in the national Capital. The event which is being organised by Aguntuk and conceptualised by Susanta das and Tanushree Chatterjee, will go on till March 31. ‘Raag Basant’ with all its opulence, has set the stage here for artists to illuminate our minds and the atmosphere with their colourful creativity.

The participating artists, photographers and sculptors include Tanushree Chatterjee, Alpana Kataria, Aninda Adhikari, Tanmay Banerjee and others. Over the years, Tanushree Chatterjee with her sheer passion, hard work has gained expertise in different media. Her style is a beautiful mix of Realism and Impressionism. Her latest collection of works are full of vibrancy and  they evoke dynamism through the use of vibrant colours and dynamic strokes.  She draws her inspiration from life and its existence around different emotions, spiritualism and its beauty. Her works transports  a viewer to the captured moment and gives a palpable feel of her creation through vibrant colors and creative compositions.

Alpana Kataria’s paintings reflect spontaneity of uninhibited expression with emphasis on emotions, feelings, ideas, and subjectivity rather than realism. Densely laden canvases, with visible brushstrokes rendered in a bright, opulent palette give way to her personal expression. By capturing a fleeting thought or a feeling, she invites her viewers to pause and reflect and to see if they could feel if they were there, in the moment. Aninda Adhikary is a passionate photographer, driven by his thirst for adventure and quest for human nature. Among his several achievements, his award from Bizcaiza Salon of Photography (Spain 2005) calls for a special mention.

Dripta Roy is a London based Dutch- Indian graphic artist, photographer and designer. He is an innovator with clear insight into what is current. His giant photographic work over five meter span was displayed at Harbour city of Hong Kong in 2014. His graphic works are collected by Mercedes Benz for their national show room. 

In any context of time and physical space, sculptural arts are a complex proposition both in terms of creation and pursuing or sustaining it as a career option. Gagan Vij brings to his work the rootedness of a classical Chola Indian bronze and yet his work is completely contemporary in both context and form.

Prithvi Soni is one of the most well established, well known and well reputed art designers of Bollywood. Apart from this he is a natural character artist, colourful poster painter, melodious singer with many released music album, and experienced theatre artist. This artist of brave concepts and strong creative skill had a passion for painting from the very beginning. 

Subrata Paul is a young sculptor whose sculptures are conjured upon the complexities of nature and human relationship, fascinated by the spirit beyond apparent visual world. Evocative sculptures embellished with the immaculate mixture of east west art principles have created a distinctive style. His sculptures highlight a series three dimensional works with modern concepts. Tanmay Banerjee is probably one of the few sculptors to whom drawing is an essential form of self expression. The world of vision and of fantasy, the conscious and the sub-conscious influences the artist. 

Raghunath Sahoo is renowned for his water colour works. He draws inspiration from real life scenes, people, children and still life. He is a master when it comes to light and shade. His artworks outline rural India. A remarkable usage of light is the main feature in all of his artworks. Light being a vital element in water colour, he uses it to the very perfection. Most of his works are example of magical realism. He has also mastered other mediums such as acrylic with deep subjects in a realistic manner. 

Juxtaposing the mundane with the exotic, Sukanta Das’ work is usually figurative. His pieces have a surreal quality about them, possibly due to the palette he employs. His acrylics on canvas are moments captured in time, and have a photo-realist quality. His women, though, are highly stylised, with large droopy eyes, long noses and sharp features. Das often places these women in idyllic garden settings giving his work the surreal and dream-like quality.  ‘Aguntuk’ is a socio cultural development organisation functioning from Kolkata. Its object is to hold some special hands, hands of some differently-abled children. It initiates and helps to bridge the gap for the betterment of the society, founded with the aim to encourage creative senses of children with disabilities and residents of old age homes. 


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