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Crafting it right

Crafting it right
Dastkar, in partnership with Delhi Tourism, is providing a platform for craft lovers to try things they enjoy for themselves with a host of craft workshops at the Nature Bazaar. The initiative is trying to develop Kisan Haat as the permanent venue for the Nature Bazaar that brings together the rich arts, culture and celebrations from across the country.

Dastkar Nature 2013 is providing workshops to satiate one’s love for the crafts skills. From pottery to embroidery to painting, one can find the workshops according to their choices and explore their creativity. The workshops include on-hand training for Bidri craft from Karnataka; innovative Pune Thamba copper-wares along with Kohlapuri chappals. Phool Patti ka kaam, the embroidered appliqué work from Uttar Pradesh, will also be available along with the floral art of Sholapith from West Bengal.

Papier-mâché crafts from Bihar and Rajasthan, Dhokra and Bastar metal artworks, pottery, Bagh block-print home linens and furniture in wood, cane or Sarkhanda grass. Floors will welcome stylish Jhawaja woven rugs from Rajasthan or dhurries from Uttar Pradesh.  From the South, Tamil Nadu brings paper lamps and hammocks, Kerala brings its murals, lacquered wood items and banana fibre decoratives come from Karnataka, alongside hand-painted Kalamkari fabrics and woven jute dhurries from Andhra. The fair also brings a variety of traditional regional painting styles like Madhubani and Gond folk art to Rajasthan’s Kavad, Pichwai, miniature paintings and Patachitra scrolls from West Bengal.

Workshops in all these art forms have been on since 19 October and 26 October will have workshops on Madhubani painting, clay modelling, pottery, Patachitra painting, Gond paintings and finger puppets. The last day, 27 October will host workshops on clay modelling, wheel pottery, Kalamkari painting and Papier-mache articles. Head over, learn something new!

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