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Cracking the northeastern food code

Cracking the northeastern food code
Shrouded in mystery, the cuisine of Northeast India is something not too many people know about. Not anymore, say Karen and Aren, the owners of The Dzukou in Hauz Khas Village. It is place where one can hangout and also get some authentic Naga cuisine at a reasonable price.

The décor is done in traditional Naga Morung style, with the entry gates adorned with Naga spears. The bowls are also custom-made with special teak wood by the Nagaland Emporium. The paintings are typically done the Naga way.

Located in Delhi’s new food street, Hauz Khas Village, the restaurant is situated on the rooftop and overlooks a breathtaking view of the lake and the bird sanctuary.

The Dzukou is a valley at great heights bordering Nagaland and Manipur, a paradise on earth and one has to trek for hours to reach the place. Reflecting on this idea, the feel of enjoying the Dzukou comes only when one takes the trouble of climbing the stairs to reach the eatery, says Karen.    

The staff is from the Northeast and are dressed in colourful and traditional Naga attire. The place was opened to bring Naga food culture into mainstream. The owners Karen and Aren are both food lovers and say that in order to keep the taste of the food authentic, they at times don the chef’s cap.

Officially launched on 5 May, this place is already being thronged by tourists and also food lovers looking for different cuisines to sample.

The name Dzukou, is both a representation of the valley and an expression of happiness and satisfaction one can get from food.

It is also comes with a caution, that the chutneys with the Naga chillies can be very spicy.

The food has a typical Naga flavour. On the menu are items like pork and chicken in anishi (dried yam), or akhuni (fermented soyabean), bamboo shoot or the spicy Naga chiilies. One cannot help relishing the food served in the traditional Naga bowls made of teak wood usually grown in that part of the country.

The dishes are tweaked to keep the taste milder as it can shock the tastebuds. The rice is typically the homegrown one which is slightly gluey. In order to keep the food authentic, they have actually brought stocks from all over Nagaland and even the cutlery and utensils are custom made.


Where: Rooftop, Shop 13, Hauz Khas Village
Timing: Open all days
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