CPI(M)’s internal report paints sorry picture for alliance candidates

Trinamool is coming back to power and Congress CPI(M) alliance will get anything between 93 to 103 seats, according to a secret report submitted by veteran CPI(M) leader Madan Ghosh  to the party.
Ghosh has submitted his report to Left Front chairman Biman Basu in presence of former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on Monday.

Not being satisfied with the result, party leadership have asked him once again to take report from all the district committees and compile them once again. The report states that because of stringent measures taken by the Central Forces, CPI(M) and Congress would get more seats. CPI(M) leadership do not want to make it public because of poll debacle the party faced in 2011 Assembly election. On the eve of the announcement of the results Left Front Chairman Biman Bose had said that the LF would come to power or the 8th consecutive times. But when the results were out the party leaders found that their calculation had gone wrong with party heavyweights Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Nirupam Sen and Asim Dasgupta had lost to their TMC rivals. In 2014, the party’s calculation was again proved to be far from reality with the party getting two Lok Sabha seats.
In the report it is clearly stated that BJP has retained a major portion of its vote bank and this has helped TMC to retain its seats and the loser was CPI(M).

The report found that being not satisfied with the alliance, CPI(M)’s pocket voters comprising mostly of above 50 voters have either refrained from voting or voted for NOTA. As a result, the party expects that the over 30 lakh people had voted for NOTA this time which is nearly five times more than their number in 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

The report stated that the transfer of votes from Congress to CPI(M) and vice versa has not taken place as people in the lower level did not accept the alliance. The report has certainly is a matter of great worry for the election managers at Alimuddin Street. But despite that the leaders had said that the alliance would come to power just to inspire the counting agents as they would refuse to go to the centres if the real picture was disclosed to them.

When contacted a veteran RSP leader said before the alliance was formed the Front partners were kept in the dark and CPI(M) leaders had relied heavily on the predictions made by the owner of a newspaper group who failed to understand the ground reality.



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