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CPI[ML] condemns Ranvir Sena vandalism

The CPI [ML] has come out strongly against the vandalism and arson by Ranvir Sena after the killing of Barmeswar Singh by unidentified assailants. The party has said that  seldom in recent memory has a funeral procession indulged in such indiscriminate acts of vandalism and arson as Ranvir Sena men participating in the funeral procession of Barmeswar Singh did in Arrah, Patna and elsewhere in Bihar on 1-2 June. It says that this has once again exposed the true character of the Sena which had shamed Bihar by perpetrating dozens of brutal and barbaric massacres in various districts of Shahabad and Magadh zone.

'The vandalism witnessed right in the state capital of Patna has given a complete lie to Nitish Kumar’s tall claims of good governance. If anything, it has exposed the utter inability or even refusal of his government to tackle such acts of feudal-criminal violence. Contrast the state’s laid-back attitude on 1-2 June to the brutal ways the police have been tackling mass protests, and the inherent bias of the state government and its police administration becomes crystal-clear,' the CPI [ML] has said.

Dipankar Bhattacharya, general secretary, CPI[ML] said that exactly a year ago, the Bihar police had killed four innocent Muslims in Bhajanpur village near Forbesganj of Araria district who were protesting against state-led encroachment on the traditional road connecting their village to the nearest highway. 'Just a month ago, the police in Aurangabad staged a brutal crackdown on people demanding a CBI probe into the killing of
Devendra Kushwaha in Haspura block of the district. Comrade Rajaram Singh, CPI[ML] Central Committee member and two-term MLA from Obra (1995-2005) was abused and beaten up by the SP himself and is till date in jail along with 28 other protestors including two mukhiyas and one member of district council,' he said.

Bhattacharya added that the growing imprint of the BJP variety of politics and governance in Nitish Kumar’s Bihar cannot be ignored any more. 'However much Nitish Kumar may like to distance the Bihar NDA from Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, the attitude of the top brass in Bihar on 1-2 June was remarkably similar to that in Modi’s Gujarat in the wake of the Godhra incident. The Bihar government too perhaps believes that some chosen people should have the special privilege to give vent to their ire in whichever way they want while every legitimate protest and movement of the people should be crushed by all means,' he said.

The CPI[ML] has appealed to the people of Bihar to stay united and vigilant and rebuff any attempt by miscreants and feudal-criminal forces to vitiate the atmosphere and gag the democratic voice.
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