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CPI(M) not yet clear whether to form alliance with Congress

 M Post Bureau |  2016-01-01 22:36:45.0  |  Kolkata

CPI(M) not yet clear whether to form alliance with Congress

Though the politburo and central committee members of the CPI(M) are discussing  the ways and means to improve its organisational capacity in the plenum , the real question which is hovering over everybody’s mind is whether the central leadership will support  making political  alliance with the Congress.

CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat, who was the key person to withdraw support to the Congress which led to the subsequent poll debacle for the party, did not clear his mind whether the party would form alliance with the Congress in forthcoming Assembly elections at the press conference held on December 30. He said that the state committee would take the decision but such a major one should get clearance of the central committee. The central committee where the Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu lobby are strong would never support such a decision. In Kerala, where Assembly elections will be held along with West Bengal, the CPI(M) is Congress’s enemy and so the same party cannot have two stands on the same issue.

The Siliguri line of the party which has given it some success cannot be possible in case of the Assembly elections where a clear cut view is required.

“As the issue is very touchy, no one is coming out with a statement and a decision will be taken in January. But this might lead to split in the party,” a party veteran said.

Trinamool general secretary Partha Chatterjee said that people in the state had not forgotten the reign of terror unleashed by the CPI(M) and the Congress. “Jalpaiguri model is not effective and it is just like the clay model of Kumartuli,” he said.

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