CPI(M) daily mouthpiece shows clear division in ranks

CPI(M) daily mouthpiece shows clear division in ranks
Political experts in the state felt that Ganashakti could have underplayed the news or could have carried it inside. But to carry the news in page I and carrying the relevant portion as a blurb printed in red was a clear indication that the newspaper had wanted to convey the message very clearly to the rank and file, many of whom had opposed the alliance.

The leaders of CPI(M) had described the alliance as the tie up of secular and democratic forces and said that people had put up pressure to form the alliance. However, majority of rank and file of CPI(M) had not liked it and many of them did not take part in the election. 

After the results were out they said Congress which did not have any organisational strength except in some pockets, had used CPI(M) and increased its seat from 42, which they got in 2011, to 44. But because of the alliance CPI(M) could win only in 26 seats. They also did not like Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and Rahul Gandhi sharing the same dais in Park Circus and Bhattacharya calling the alliance as “a historic one.” The statement of PB has made mass exodus of cadres inevitable, political experts maintained.

They said that one day session of politburo on June 17 and followed by three days central committee meeting on June 18 to 20 would be stormy.

The PB members from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh were against the alliance when the matter first came up for discussion during the party’s plenum held in January. P Vijayan, the new Kerala Chief Minister and a powerful man in politburo had opposed the move from the beginning. In Kerala the party had to face question from people who had asked why there was friendship in West Bengal and fight in the state.

Hannan Molla who was against the alliance would not spare his fellow comrades. Along with the Prakash Karat lobby, Manick Sarkar, Chief Minister of Tripura was also against the alliance.
The experts said the central committee might scrap the alliance as like politburo it might refuse to buy the “violence theory” which Bengal PB members are trying to propagate.



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