CPI(M), Cong are like seasonal birds says Mamata

CPI(M), Cong are like seasonal birds says Mamata
Calling the CPIM Congress alliance like “the seasonal birds”, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Sunday urged people not to cast their votes in favour of the alliance.

She was addressing a rally on Sunday afternoon.

Mamata Banerjee said that the CPI(M) and Congress can  only be seen before the election. They go out together to spread canards against Trinamool Congress which now had become their only work. “You can only see them when there is election. Their only business is to a spread canards against me and Trinamool Congress and they disappear after polls are over,” she remarked. Banerjee said the Opposition had cataract in their eyes which had prevented them from having clear vision and see the development works that had taken place in the state in the past four and a half years. “They have cataract in their eyes and so they cannot see development. Their only business is to stall development,” she said. Lashing out at the BJP she said their leaders were coming to the state and were talking big. “Instead of coming to Bengal they should learn how to manage Delhi first. They have come to instigate violence,” she maintained. Banerjee said that Trinamool did not believe in violence and muscle flexing. “We work with people. Try to be by their side in time of need and make schemes that will help them to march forward.”

She said BJP wanted to divide the state. 

“The people of West Bengal believe in communal harmony and under no circumstances we would give up this long tradition. Great personalities like Sri Ramakrishna, Ma Sarada, Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam and many others were born in Bengal and they have taught us to respect the faith and views of others,” she maintained. She said the list of development that had take place here was long and she was not going to repeat them.  The people in the area are getting free treatment in state run hospitals along worth Rs 2 a kilogram of rice. She urged the electorate not to vote for those who were opportunists and had made an alliance not based on any ideology. 

“Politics demands transparency. But the parties that have made alliance are not transparent. People know what they have done to the people and will cast their votes in favour of TMC,” she said adding: “I cannot ever think of Congress making an alliance with CPI(M). But since they have made this alliance, people should vote them out,” she said.
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