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CPI(M), Cong acting like newly-wed couple: CM

She said the Opposition comprising Congress and CPI(M) had planned to stall the development of Bengal. In the past 34 years the CPI(M) did nothing and was busy in framing the state government. CPI(M) had destroyed work culture in the state by calling strikes and lockouts. 

The Trinamool Congress government had to bear the interest of the loans taken by Opposition “CPI(M) did not work but took loans and we had to pay interest for those. If it was not for this loan burden, more development would have taken place,” she said.

She said after ruining democracy in Bengal for 34 years, CPI(M) was now talking of democracy and democratic rights of people. “We have witnessed their democracy. We had faced difficulty in holding meetings. CPI(M) used to control everything,” she said adding, “Because we are more generous towards them they can talk freely.”

Criticising Congress she said how they could forget that the hands of their supporters who had voted for the party were chopped off. Now Congress and CPI(M) are behaving like a newly-wed couple. “It is amazing to see them attending rallies holding each others’ hands,” she remarked.

Banerjee regretted that the Opposition was spreading canards against her without maintaining any norm. “They criticise me before taking breakfast and again before taking lunch. Never in the past were such filthy words used against me. But I surely know that people with give a befitting reply in ballot,” she added.

Criticising Aveek Sarkar she said, “His sole business is to spread canards against me and lower the prestige of West Bengal before others. It is a nasty game. They publish false and concocted news for day in and day out. They are writing lies like Joseph Goebbels hoping that people will digest them without questioning. I request people to vomit it all out,” she said.

Banerjee said from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to petty leaders of BJP had become great advisors, giving opinions and advices on every matter. “The person who failed manage Delhi has come in Bengal to teach us dos and don’ts. They have reduced fund allocation and are now talking about making Bengal.”

She urged people to cast their votes for TMC as the party stands for development and progress. “It is my duty to ensure that Bengal progresses in every sphere and we should take pledge in this regard,” she said.
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