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CPI(M) and Congress died in 2011, says Abhishek Banerjee

 M Post Bureau |  2016-03-29 01:23:51.0  |  Durgapur

CPI(M) and Congress died in 2011, says Abhishek Banerjee

The CPI(M) and Congress died long ago in 2011 and now even the best doctors cannot bring them back to life, Trinamool Congress youth Congress National president Abhishek Banerjee  said on Monday.

“CPI(M) and Congress died in 2011 and no doctor can bring them back to life,” Banerjee said while addressing a political rally on Monday afternoon.

He said both the Congress and CPI(M) had lost contacts with people and so they were now forming alliance for survival. “It is an alliance for their survival and that is the only issue in front of them,” he said. Urging people not to get swayed by the false promises given by the Congress and the CPI(M), Banerjee said CPI(M) was responsible for the downfall of the industrial belt in Durgapur and Asansol. 

“The CPI(M) had called strike in the factories leading to the complete economic ruin of the area and now they are raising slogans to set up new industries. People of the area are aware of their double standards and will not vote for them.” He said it was unfortunate that the Congress whom the CPI(M) had always criticised have been rallying with CPI(M) for survival. He urged people to vote for TMC to ensure sustainable development of the area. The people of Durgapur- Asansol were amused to see CITU and INTUC leaders moving together and holding each other’s hands in rallies. 

Ashis Mukherjee who lost his job for militant trade unionism of CITU said: “We have seen how CITU leaders had taken money from owners to close down the factories. The area became deserted and people left the place. Now, they are campaigning with Congress demanding industrialisation. People have rejected them and will do this time also.”

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