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Couple keep six-year-old girl confined in room for plucking flowers

A six-year-old girl was tied up and confined in a room by a college professor and his wife for allegedly plucking flowers from their garden. The incident occurred at Ashu Sahis lane in Purulia where the professor caught the Class I student in his garden. To punish her, the couple took her inside a room in their house and tied her along the bed with a rope. The couple paid no heed to the little girl’s screaming.

Locals, after knowing about the incident, started agitating in front of the professor’s house. Police were called up and the girl was rescued. “The girl was plucking flowers after which the professor rushed to the garden, scolded her and took her into the house. She was confined there. They even refused her water when she asked,” a local resident alleged.

“We were informed of the incident from Ashu Sahis Lane. A team reached there to interrogate the couple. Locals alleged that the professor and his wife had tortured the girl. We have taken a complaint. An investigation has been started. No one has been arrested yet,” said a police officer.
The professor and his wife denied the allegations, saying: “We had no intention of confining the girl. But she was so unruly that we needed to do it. We did not tie her up with a rope or beat her up.”

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