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Country does not trust Cong: Modi

BJP’s prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched a blistering attack on Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi, saying the country does not trust the party which failed to keep the promises made to people during elections.

Speaking at a poll campaign rally here, Modi also targeted Union ministers Sharad Pawar and Sushil Kumar Shinde. The latter is seeking re-election from Solapur.

‘Tell me, is there any reason why the UPA government in Delhi should be re-elected? Hasn’t the government broken your trust,’ Modi said.

‘Sushil Kumar Shinde and Sharad Pawar made promises to you.

Haven’t they broken the promise to weavers,’ Modi said, addressing the rally in this town, famous for weavers who produce the popular ‘Solapur chadar’.

‘You garner votes by making false promises. It is the Congress’ habit of making false promises to win polls,’ the BJP leader said.

‘The people of the country have decided. The arrogance of Congress-NCP is such that (they think) the masses are their slaves. The governments are made if people will so. The time for browbeating has gone,’ he said.

‘Shindeji, your are the home minister. Why did you not think that the uniforms made by local weavers be provided to police so that local people get livelihood,’ he said.

‘But he (Shinde) only thinks day and night of how to keep Madam (Sonia Gandhi) happy. These are people who are devotees of a family,’ he said.

‘What kind of a family devotion is this that chief ministers, cabinet ministers and party functionaries are all devoted to a single family?’ Modi said.

‘They (Congressmen) offer ‘prasad’ and perform ‘aarti’ (of the Gandhi family). They are not bothered about you. When the ‘family’ is happy, the happiness of Shinde’s generations is ensured,’ he said.

Invoking his humble tea seller origin, Modi attacked ‘born-with-the-golden-spoon’ Rahul Gandhi, saying his rival hardly knew what poverty was.

‘They go to poor pople’s homes, eat their food, snap photos and show to the world. They don’t know what poverty is.

Earlier in the day, Modi filed his nomination from Vadodara, formally launching his bid for a maiden entry into the Lok Sabha and steering his party and NDA to power at the Centre.

Shortly afterwards, 63-year-old BJP’s prime ministerial contender made a pitch for ‘good governance’ and recalled his old association with the region once ruled by the Gaekwads, one of whom proposed his candidacy.

Vadodara will witness a three-way contest as Modi takes on Congress general secretary Madhusudan Mistry, a confidant of party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, while AAP has fielded a local candidate Sunil Kulkarni, a mechanical engineer. 
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