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Countdown to Pak Polls - II: Return of civilian govt in Pakistan good for India

Despite India’s official stand on up coming Pakistan elections that they don’t interfere in internal matters of other countries, sources in the Ministry of External Affairs said that the officials are very minutely monitoring the developments.

It is an undisputed fact that Pakistan military since partition has been breeding on the rhetoric of Indian threat. In such circumstances the return of civilian government is best suited for India. ‘We are in favour of Democracy and we hope that elections in Pakistan are conducted fairly and peacefully,’ a senior diplomat who is a part of Pakistan division said, adding that, ‘We have always advocated that political leadership in Pakistan should be strong.’

The polls in Pakistan are scheduled for Saturday.

MEA officials also said that the ministry holds meetings with the intelligence agencies to specially keep a check on the developments relating to attacks by Pakistan Taliban.

‘Terrorism is one issue which ails both our countries and it is imperative to take steps to stop it from flourishing,’ an MEA official said. The founder of PML-N, Nawaz Sharif had made a statement on a news channel that he would not allow militant groups to attack India from his country and would work to improve ties with rival New Delhi if elected. ‘If I become the prime minister I will make sure that the Pakistani soil is not used for any such designs against India,” Sharif had said.

On this, the MEA official said that this is good sign as we want the two nations to cooperate with each other to combat terrorism. Nawaz is seen as a front-runner in the up coming elections with most exit polls swinging in his direction.

‘Whoever comes to power we want we want a stable south Asian region specially our neighbours as it’s in best interest of everyone,’ MEA sources stated. The relations between the two countries, however, has shown a decline recently with the killings of twoIndian nationals in Pakistani jails, including Sarabjit Singh. This was followed by the murder of a Pakistani national, Sanaullah in a Jammu jail.
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