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Corporations question Delhi PWD minister’s ‘Rambo act’

The three city municipal corporations on Thursday questioned Delhi minister for public works department (PWD), Raj Kumar Chauhan’s, 'Rambo act’ for claiming to have removed 4.47 lakh metric tonnes of silt from drains in the capital.

In a joint press conference, the three mayors and office bearers of the corporations also alleged that the minister’s claim of having paid Rs 3 crore to the corporations was totally false, as they have not received even a single rupee in their accounts.

'The claim to have removed 4.47 lakh metric tonnes of silt is totally false as even Rambo can't do it. The minister must apologies for his lie to the public or else resign from his post. If he doesn’t, we will drag him to court for defaming the corporations by lying in public,' said Subhash Arya, leader of house in South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

Pointing out the flaws in the minister’s claim, Arya said, 'One truck can carry around 4.5 metric tonnes of silt at a time. If we assume that each truck made two trips, it would have taken 1,100 trucks 60 days to have removed so much silt.’  

The chairman of the standing committee in South DMC Rajesh Gehlot said, 'The government is sitting on a multi-crore silt scam. Since we did not allow them to dump the silt at our sanitary land fill (SLF) sites, where has the silt gone.’ Gehlot accused the government of misappropriation of funds in the name of de-silting drains. 'Its a big scam and must be investigated by an independent agency,' he added. The minister must explain whether the silt was dumped on the bank of Yamuna or thrown back in the drains, he added.

The mayor of South DMC, Sarita Choudhary challenged the minister to prove that money was paid to the corporations, as claimed.  'The big drains in our area are overflowing and causes back flow of water in colonies,'  said Mahendra Nagpal, leader of house in North DMC.
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