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Corporations not to impose new taxes or hike existing ones

Corporations not to impose new taxes or hike existing ones
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has decided to follow the rule of ‘no new tax and no tax hikes’ when it comes to budgetting the three municipal corporations in Delhi. Millennium Post had reported on 8 December 2012 (‘South says no to loans, new taxes’) that the proposed budget of municipal commissioner of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) echoes the policies of BJP and would be finalised as the budget plan for all three BJP ruled municipal corporations in the city.

‘The budget of the three municipal corporations would be alike in the sense the people will not be burdoned with taxes. There would be no tax hikes and no new taxes,’ said Vijender Gupta. ‘The tax proposals of in the commissioner’s budget of SDMC are very close to the final budget of the three municipal corporations. Only the rate of parking will be revised,’ added Gupta.

The party has convened a meeting of the three leaders of the houses and chairmen of the standing committees on Saturday to finalise a uniform budget for the three civic bodies.

‘We will announce some new projects in our final budget to match the expectations of the people,’ said Rajesh Gehlot, chairman of the standing committee of SDMC.

‘The parking charges will be revised in which the minium duration of parking a vehicle will be increased from 30 minutes to one hour. The parking charges will also be rationalised,’ added Gehlot.

The party has directed its leaders to turn down all the new tax and tax hike proposals by the municipal commissioners of North and East Delhi. ‘We will refer back all the tax hike proposals but will collect fund by increasing tax net in each category for our new projects,’ said V P Pandey, chairman of standing committee of North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).

‘We have decided to reject all the five new tax proposals of the commissioner,’ said Mahak Singh, chairman of the standing committee with East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). ‘We will work to bring more and more people in the already existing tax net to increase our revenue,’ added Singh.
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