Cops take lessons from Malda, defuse bombs with caution

It may be mentioned that assistant sub-inspector Vishudhhananda Mishra and Constable Subrata Choudhury were killed while defusing bombs at Jainpur village of Kaliachak in Malda on Monday.

The officers of the Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) of the Criminal Investigation department went to the spot after receiving information that four Trinamool Congress workers were killed when some miscreants hurled bombs at the house.

They found some bombs stacked inside a stack of hay near the house and exploded when they attempted to defuse without taking any safety precautions.

A probe in this connection has also been started to ascertain whether there was any inadequacy on the part of the BDS officers while defusing bombs.

But on Wednesday the same careless attitude of the policemen from Chakdah police station came to light when they were handling explosives found outside the house of a CPI(M) leader.

Residents of Howrah on Friday witnessed a complete different picture when bombs were found on Gadadhar Mistry Lane at Shibpur in Howrah.

The policemen were found taking all necessary safety measures as much as it was possible while taking the bombs to an isolated place. Instead of following their usual practice of carrying bombs in water filled bucket, the policemen tied it to a sting and removed it to a deserted place where officers from the Bomb Disposal Squad had defused the bombs.

The scene was quite same at Jalangi in Murshidabad where two crude bombs were found in the close Udaynagar Colony Junior High School. The police here didn’t allow a single person to enter 
the area and defused the bombs following safety measures.



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