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Cops take harsh steps to keep errant auto-rickshaws in check

The city police initiated raids to check the menace of flouting traffic norms by auto-rickshaw drivers.

This comes at the time when four lives were claimed in separate road accidents in the past one week and all the accidents took place due to reckless driving by auto-rickshaw drivers.

The state Transport minister held a high-level meeting on Tuesday to discuss the issue and find a way to check the problems caused by <g data-gr-id="34">plying</g> of reckless auto-rickshaws.

From Wednesday morning, traffic <g data-gr-id="36">sergeants</g> and constables were found taking immediate measures when auto-rickshaws were found flouting traffic norms either by violating traffic signals or carrying more than four passengers.

As per the norms, a maximum of four passengers <g data-gr-id="41">are</g> allowed to ply in an auto-rickshaw. Three people sit on the rear seat while one person is allowed to travel sitting beside the driver in the front of an auto-rickshaw. But in many routes drivers take five passengers.

Carrying five passengers were restricted a decade ago to check accidents. <g data-gr-id="45">Driver</g> gets very less space to drive the vehicle if he takes two passengers on both of his sides. <g data-gr-id="46">As a result</g> there used to be several accidents. Now the situation is such that they take an additional passenger and at the same time drive recklessly without following traffic norms.

The top brass of the city police too held a meeting and decided to initiate a drive against the errant auto-rickshaw driver. According to a senior police officer, the drivers take more passengers and drive recklessly just to make some more and easy money.

Since Wednesday morning policemen were found stopping all the auto-rickshaws at various places including Rajabazar, Gariahat and Sovabazar. The auto-rickshaw drivers were asked to show all their documents including licence and route permits. Police booked the drivers for taking more passengers and flouting traffic norms.

The police have identified spots including the intersection of Rabindra Sarani and Bidhan Sarani where most auto-rickshaw drivers flout traffic signals. It had been leading to <g data-gr-id="37">problem</g> of traffic congestion in the evening rush hours and the chances of accidents also go up.

Many auto-rickshaws ply their vehicles early in the morning to make some extra money as at that time there are <g data-gr-id="44">less</g> numbers of auto-rickshaws on road and people are in a rush to reach their destinations. Thus the police are also taking necessary measures to check them from driving recklessly.

The police will continue the drive against errant auto-rickshaw drivers to check the menace.
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