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Cops start fingerprinting beggars to check burglary in guise

They begged as husband and wife without raising any suspicion. The residents of the area thought they are poor needy beggars. However, little did they suspect that the duo are on a recce mission for their next target. Kadam and Ravi, notorious beggar burglars though arrested by Delhi Police in October has led the cops to drive a campaign profiling and fingerprinting beggars in their area to know if they are involved in any theft or burglary.

The beggars under flyovers and on footpaths are under scanner of Delhi Police now. In an initiative taken by the cops, beggars are taken to police stations, photographed and subjected to fingerprinting. The cops say that this is necessary to check if burglars are disguised as beggars to dodge suspicion.

Learning their lesson from the notorious beggar burglars who have amassed huge stolen wealth, the cops are in no mood to take chances. 

The crackdown has already started and many beggars from the South district have been fingerprinted and photographed.

“If you have a fingerprint record, it is easy to identify the criminal. It is a sincere effort to curb crime in the area. We have already fingerprinted around 450 beggars and vagabonds in the area. It is necessary to keep a check on the burglars who disguise as beggars,” said Ishwar Singh, DCP South

This move would be spread to several other districts of Delhi after the successful completion in the South District.
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