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Cops raid online casino parlour, five arrested

 MPost |  2017-01-12 00:28:29.0  |  New Delhi

The Delhi Police were receiving secret inputs that in the famous Lal Quarter market of Krishna Nagar in Shahdra district an online casino is operational and several people are indulged into the online gambling racket. The cops then decided to send a decoy customer to the shop who posed as a potential gambler.

The team outside was waiting for Constable Pankaj’s nod who was inside. As soon as Pankaj confirmed the online gambling to his seniors outside, the cops barged into the casino and freezed operations. 

On searching the parlour, it was found that the software of the casino was in one main computer of the parlour and six computers were connected to it which were being used for gambling. 13 types of games were being played at the premises like fun andar bahar, triple run, one target, bingo, fever joker bonus, golden wheel, giant jack, keno, seven up and seven down, lucky and line, checkers and no hold. 

“Five persons were arrested from the spot and a case under the Delhi Police Gambling Act was registered. The interrogation revealed that the owner of the casino Shailesh Jaiswal use to give lucrative offers to the customers to gamble through online casinoes and earned money,” said Nupur Prasad, DCP Shahdra district.

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