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Cops arrest six for looting passengers near stations

The Delhi Police Crime Branch has arrested a notorious jeweller Kuldeep Soni who bought stolen gold jewellery from a five-member gang that looted travellers near railway stations in the Capital.

Kuldeep, a resident of Etah, UP, ran a jewellery business but soon got into easy money making by melting the stolen jewellery bought from a criminal gang. The gang used to steal jewellery and articles of the passengers who took auto from outside Nizamuddin Railway station.

The gang had a unique modus operandi. They targeted unsuspecting passengers with bags who deboarded the train at Nizamuddin Railway station. One of the gang member who drove the auto lured the passenger by offering a discounted ride if they share the auto with two others sitting inside. 

The unsuspecting passenger mistaking the sitting gang members as co-passengers agreed. Now, the third gang member boarded the auto in between and sat in such a manner that completely blocked the view of the target passenger. In the meantime, other gang members opened the bag and stole all valuables including jewellery.

After the passengers realised that they have been looted, the auto fled from the spot.  The gang recently looted a lady with cash and jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh with similar modus operandi. 

The pet name used by the gang members for the master key used to open locks of the bags or suitcases was ‘dhol’.

The cops arrested Pramod, Rajan Agrawal, Kuldeep Soni, Vicky Chowdhary, Devender and Mashkoor. These arrests also signify how passengers should be extra cautious while taking an auto or taxi specially from near railway stations and bus terminals.
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