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Cop gropes JNU student: DCW notice to top cop

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has served a notice to Police Commissioner Alok Verma in receipt of a complaint from a lady student of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) regarding alleged groping and physical abuse by a Delhi Police officer during the protest on November 6.

With Najeeb Ahmed, the first year MSc Biotech student from JNU missing for twenty three days, the Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union (JNUSU) along with Najeeb’s family tried to protest at India Gate on November 6. 

They, however, were stopped by the Delhi  Police to protest around the area and around 250 students along with Najeeb’s mother and sister were detained by the Delhi Police.

In her complaint to the DCW, the student has accused the Delhi Police of not having lady police officers.

The student further stated that the male officers forcefully dragged the female students out from the protest site and passed sexist comments. 

Taking cognisance of the complaint and certain clippings of the police officer manhandling the student, DCW Chief Swati Maliwal posed a list of questions to the Police Commissioner. 

The DCW Chief enquired that why  was there use of force on the protest along with Najeeb’s mother and sister and why were there less deployment of lady police officials.

There was also information sought on the name and designation of the police official who allegedly groped the JNU student and the proposed action been  thought by the senior police officers against the official. 

The future steps to be taken by the Delhi Police in not letting the incident repeat have also been sought from the Police Commissioner by Maliwal.

Duration of three days have been provided to Alok Verma to reply to the notice.

Maliwal, who tweeted the picture of the female student along with the male police officer mentioned that how could the police officer grope the female student like this, demanding his suspension.
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