Construction of hospital dedicated to Panchakarma to start in December

Construction of hospital dedicated to Panchakarma to start in December
The medical college is proposed to come up at Patipukur which will offer various post-graduate courses to the students. The existing Patipukur Ayurvedic Hospital which is attached to the JB Roy Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital is giving treatment to a large number of patients. The construction of the new hospital on Panchakarma will be a major boost to the health infrastructure in the state.

It was learnt that the Public Works Department will soon a submit a plan regarding the construction work to the hospital authorities and then, after going through the detailed plans, the state government will sanction the fund for setting up the medical college. The new medical college and hospital will deal in various departments including Kayachikitsa (medicine), Shalyatantra (Surgery), Striroga and Prosutitantra (Gynecology and Obstetrics), Shalakyatantra (Eye and ENT), Panchakarma (Bio purification therapy), Kaumarbhritya (Pediatrics) and other clinical subjects.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after coming to power in 2011 had given stress to revive old Indian methods of treatment. She had taken a number of initiatives to increase various health infrastructures in the state.

She also laid a stress on the revival of the India’s oldest methods of treatment. Panchakarma, one of the oldest forms of treatment is very popular in Kerala but the private agencies run these health units there.

West Bengal, in the last few years has made a significant progress in promoting Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine, in building up its infrastructure with more number of patients visiting the JB Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospitals.

The state government has taken up various projects to enhance infrastructure in Ayurveda, including upgrading pharmacy course into diplomatic course at Patipukur Ayurvedic Hospital. A senior official at the hospital said that the hospital has seen a significant rise in the number of patients visiting the hospital in last few years. JB Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, state government owned college situated on Raja Dinendra Street is the model Ayurveda hospital in the state and has been declared as the state model college.

Panchakarma works excellent to treat patients suffering from respiratory distress, migraine, and gastrological problems. It works miracles with patients undergoing cerebral stroke. Patients suffering from different types of spondylosis, and spinal cord related problems are cured following the method of treatments. Oil is prepared by the mixtures made out of the extract from various medicinal plants. The mixture is poured on the affected zone to cure the disease. A patient has to stay back in the hospital for a week or so to receive the treatment.

Even the state government has taken lot of initiatives to spread awareness about the ayurvedic treatment which often works as miracle cure. After coming to the power for the first time Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had formed a separate department in AYUSH so that the old forms of treatment get more popularity in the state. Dr TK Biswas a senior doctor at the JB Roy Hospital said more than 250 patients visit various outpatient departments every day, whereas the Patipukur Ayurvedic Hospital registers nearly 150 patients per day.

“There are huge rushes in the hospital with more number of patients relying on the Ayurvedic treatments. More than 70 per cent of the hospital beds remain occupied most of the time. With the state government undertaking various projects to improve infrastructure and to promote Ayurveda education by introducing various courses, it will soon attract more patients. In last 5 years the number of patient at the JB Roy Hospital has increased by 20-25 per cent,” Dr Biswas maintained.
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