Congress ‘rattled’ by the move, says BJP

Hitting back at the Congress, which claimed demonetisation is the "biggest scam of India", BJP on Sunday said that the main opposition party sees a scam everywhere after running a "government of scams and scandals" and alleged that the "historic" move has shaken its foundation as the party "runs on black money and corruption".

BJP National Secretary Shrikant Sharma said despite the opposition's attack people were supporting the Narendra Modi government on demonetisation as it was an attack on black money and corruption and asserted that Congress has been "rattled" by the move.

"After committing scam in purchase of jeep to helicopter, Congress finds scam everywhere. From deals linked to under ground (coal) to sky (chopper), it did corruption.

"Demonetisation has shaken its foundation as this party runs on black money and corruption. It is rattled and levelling baseless charges," he said.

Sharma's remarks came after Congress on Sunday demanded a white paper from the Centre on the demonetisation move which it claimed to be the "biggest scam of India" and demanded a probe into it by a Joint Parliamentary Committee.

"We want to know with whom did the Central government hold discussion about demonetisation. The government should issue a white paper on this. 


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