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Cong speaks in differnent voices over reasons for defeat

Congress today spoke in different voices over the Delhi municipal poll debacle with MP and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's son Sandeep attributing it to an anti-Congress mood generated by scams like 2G and price rise, a contention on which Union Minister Kapil Sibal differed.

Sibal said civic polls were fought on local issues and rubbished theories of an anti-Congress mood.

Sandeep, the East Delhi MP, attributed Congress defeat in the civic polls to a disconnect between the party and people and BJP succeeding to take advantage of scams like 2G and price rise.

He also said there have the environment which was created by the CAG reports and the anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare somehow fairly made people believe that it was Congress which was "centre of all the wrong" that was happening.

"We tried our best to keep the issues local and focussed on MCD, whereas the BJP, because of overall general climate that was there in nation and in Delhi, focussed on price rise and 2G spectrum scam and all," the East Delhi MP said.

He said it appeared that the BJP has succeeded to some extent due to which Congress could not get the kind of mandate they would have got.

"We have taken lot of proactive steps but somewhere communication between us and the people have broken down in last one-and-a-half and two years. I think we need to reestablish it," he said.

Asked about the anti-Congress mood, Sibal said "whether I refute it or not refute it, you will make it because that is politics. If you want me to refute it you will call it my politics. It is nothing to do with that. MCD elections are local elections and they are fought on local issues."

He said he do not believe that BJP performed well in the Corporation elections.

"You must remember any elections in the corporation or any local elections has lot of complex factors going to be in losing an election.

"Take my parliamentary constitutiency. We have 13 out of 40 in previous MCD polls and we have retained that 13 ofcourse, they are different 13," he said.

He said he was disappointed as the party is left with the same numbers they had last time.

"But what happens in municipal elections that those who dont get tickets they put up rebel candiadtes and its there the poliics of the street that prevails," he added.
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