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Cong should take NY pledge not to disrupt Parliament: PM

Urging all political parties to stop this practice, the Prime Minister singled out Congress, saying while he understands the "anger" of those who have yet not got a chance to form a government, Congress, which has "enjoyed" all kinds of power in the country for last 60 years, have no right to "destroy" Parliament for "political reasons".

"I am not getting a chance to speak in Lok Sabha but I am making this request in Jan Sabha. People have sent us to Parliament to debate, discuss and decide by consultations together. It is our responsibility to accord priority to the work and complete it for which people have sent us here.

"This responsibility specially lies on those who have ruled the country for over 60 years. They know what is Government, what is Parliament and how necessary it is to have the Parliament function.

"More than us this is known to those (Congress) who have run governments in this country for 50-60 years and given dozens of Prime Ministers," Modi said.

The Prime Minister asserted, "theirs is also equal responsibility to run Parliament because this country has given them the Opportunity to form government for 60 years." 

Noting that the nation will touch new heights if this view is taken, the Prime Minister again reminded Congress about its responsibility.

"It is specially their responsibility to ensure that country's development is not stopped because of their political reasons. They have more responsibility as people had given them opportunity to run the country for over six decades.

"I understand the anger of those who have not got a chance to rule the country. But those who have enjoyed all kinds of power for 60 years have no right to halt Parliament and destroy its functioning," he said.

Remembering the 1857 uprising in Meerut, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the Expressway will show a way to freedom from pollution.

"Meerut is specially remembered for 1857 freedom movement. In 1857, it showed the way to freedom from slavery and today Delhi-Meerut Expressway is showing the (way to) freedom from pollution," Modi said.

He said infrastructure is key to economic growth and his government was "committed" to take the work done by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee to newer heights.

Eulogising Vajpayee for his initiatives of Golden Quadrilateral and Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana, Modi also made a veiled attack on UPA government on the issue without naming it.

"Vajpayee government kept before us two key plans of infrastructure. After that there was a gap of ten years. I have not come here to discuss what happened or did not happen or how it happened. But this government has taken a very big campaign to take forward the momentum given by Vajpayee to the infrastructure projects and take it to new heights," Modi said.
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