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Cong dividing AP for electoral gains: Jagan

Cong dividing AP for electoral gains: Jagan
Jagan, MP from Kadapa, lambasted the Congress president Sonia Gandhi by claiming that her party is splitting the state for electoral gains. ‘I would like to request all the political parties to oppose Telangana Bill. If they keep quiet, the Centre may divide many more states by misusing Article 3 of the Constitution,’ he said.

While claiming that the ‘pepper attack’ in the parliament was planned by the Congress party, he said, ‘They (Congress) have organised the pepper spray incident to force upon Parliament to clear everybody, who is protesting the Telangana bill.’

He questioned, ‘Expelled MP Lagadapati Rajagopal, who actually sprayed pepper, isn’t he a Congress man? He was used by the Congress to suppress our protest against the bill.’

While alleging that the company owned by Rajagopal had received the approval for Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) to the tune of Rs 8,000 crore, a month ago, Reddy said, ‘Do you believe if somebody is opposing Congress party, if somebody is really a rebel to the party, a CDR would happen with the consent of Congress party. Congress is creating a situation, where the Opposition parties could not speak out.’

Comparing Gandhi family with the Britishers (who had ruled the country), Reddy said, ‘Indian National Congress (INC) is now Italian National Congress. Even Britishers did not do what she did to my state of Andhra Pradesh.’

He claimed Congress came up with the idea of dividing the state with the sole aim of making Rahul Gandhi prime minister as it hoped to win some seats by aligning with TRS in Telangana.
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