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Confusion reigns on Armed Forces concession

Confusion reigned supreme on Tuesday after the Union Cabinet of Ministers promulgated on Monday what was considered to be ‘major concessions.’ on the issues like ‘One Rank One Pension’ for the ‘persons below officer ranks’ [PBORs]; or parity of the officer ranks of the armed forces, with the civil servants.

The grievances of the both the former jawans and the former and serving officers [after Sixth Pay Commission downgrade] remain unmet causing the seething anger to fester amongst themselves.

The retired Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, a former deputy chief of army staff, but better known as the chairman of the Indian Ex-servicemen’s Movement told Millennium Post quite categorically: ‘Our demand has not been met. We demanded ‘One Rank, One Pension.’ The government has only conceded enhancements of pensions for the pre-2006 soldiers. That will not do.’

He said that the movement will continue, as they would keep returning their medals that they have won over the years of meritorious service, the president of the country.

A retired colonel, Ranjit Singh, a former commanding officer of an artillery regiment stated that the Sixth Pay Commission that major general will have parity with a joint secretary of the central government.
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