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Confluence of art and literature

Confluence of art and literature
With the concept of depicting fiction on canvas, the Capital will now see an exhibition titled Aarambh Ke Gyarah Chitr. Painted by Ankur Rana, all the artpieces are based on the book Aarambh Ki Gyarah Kahaniyan, which is a collection of eleven stories written by Alexshendra Venus Bakshi. The collection brings out the different facets of human nature. 

Rana believes that the fusion of creative mediums like art and literature are a wonderful way to explore visual sensibilities.  He says, ‘As time changes, visual sensibilities also evolves. We interact with various visuals in our day to day lives - written form, pictures, words and music etc. As an artist, at times it is a real tough choice to make. The chemistry has been there since the dawn of time – the time of cave paintings, but now the expressions have changed and so have the experiences’.

The exhibition is the perception of a thought through two different mediums of expressions. As a confluence of art and literature, the exhibition is an attempt to see thoughts through creative positivity in order to explore and discover the diversity of expression.

The stories depicted on canvas basically revolves around human society. Like, Tota-Ud-Din is a story where social and religious barriers created by human are erased by a parrot who is far more inferior in comparison to humans. Humans are regarded as the most superior animal but by reading this story we can’t conclude this.

Then there is another story  named Kasoor Kiska where the story opens up with a very popular belief that human being have seven lookalikes around the globe with whom we are not related in any way and how this belief can change the mindset, human psychology and behaviour. Nushkha Chai, this uniquely titled story brings out the most common human characteristic that is ‘selfishness’. Check Post gives us the message of how important is listening to our conscience.
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