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Confidence in British monarchy at all-time high

Confidence in the future of British monarchy is at an all-time high as the majority of the people in the country believe that newborn Prince George will one day accede to the throne, according to a poll.

Three quarters of people believe that the newborn son of Prince William and Kate Middleton will one day accede to the throne to which he is third in line, the ComRes survey for The Sunday Telegraph found. 

Just 9 per cent of those questioned think that he will not become king because Britain will have become a republic, whereas a poll in 2011 found that a quarter of people expected a republic to emerge within 50 years.

Even among 18 to 24-year-olds, the poll shows a solid 69 per cent believe that Prince George will one day become king. The poll suggests majority sees no benefit in republicanism, with some two thirds of those polled thinking Britain is better off as a monarchy.
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