Composing artistic images

Composing artistic images
Pictures like paintings have the capability of depicting the subtleties of day-to-day life. When the composition of the image is given an artistic touch through the usage of archival paper, the photograph is beautified. To showcase the collection of photographs, India International Centre is going to present a solo art exhibition of photographs by Monica Bhasin titled- ‘Residues’ in the national Capital. 

Shot on 35mm film, the photographs have been produced with archival paper and ink.

The artist has come up with the photographs by walking through the streets of Panjim, Goa and reflecting upon the adjacent waterfronts, the photographer gathers residues of everyday life. 

She observed a lot going on the streets such as light leaves shadows, spaces and structures along with glorious ocean and its patterns. She has tried to incorporate the architectural beauty that has surpassed time and decay through her pictures. Engaging with space, the photographic works are fragments of the narratives of the everyday. 

Picking on specific things like an old door with an ancient lock, the comfort of its weathered wood, the hand painted signage on walls and shutters, the abandoned overgrowth of vines and creepers, the doorways from another time and the shrines and that which remains when the sea recedes, the photographer minutely views these objects to project their own power and poetry.   

Monica Bhasin is a filmmaker who has previously worked as an editor and film festival programmer. She has a significant background in documentary film making. It was however her keen interest in photography that laid the foundation for her image-making practice. 

When: April 6 to 12
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm 
Where: Art Gallery, IIC Annexe, Lodi Estate


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