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Complaint lodged against gas distributor for refusing payment in 10 rupee coins

The rumour that 10 rupee fake coins are available in the market has hit the people of Jaipaiguri badly.

A tussle broke out between Dibyendu Moitra, a resident of Netajipara here and a gas distributor who refused to take Rs 80, a part of the price of his cooking gas cylinder which he paid in eight 10 rupee coins. The gas distributor said that as fake coins were available he would not take them. A verbal duel broke out. The distributor also refused to take an old Rs 500 note flouting the instruction of RBI that stated that they would take the old currency notes. 

Some passer-by came and supported Moitra and forced the gas distributor to accept the coins. Moitra later paid the money by Rs 10 notes and lodged a complaint with the police. The rumour is rampant in Jalpaiguri and has affected business very badly. The tea stalls and small restaurants have refused to accept Rs 10 coins. The situation took such a bad turn that even the government departments have refused to accept 10 rupee coins. Rabin Guin, advisor of district consumer protection committee said more campaign on the part of the state government and RBI was required to build confidence among the people.

It was learnt that not only in Jalpaiguri, but in whole of Bengal the rumour was in circulation and taxi and auto drivers have refused to accept 10 rupee coins. District Magistrate Mukta Acharya said she had not yet received any complaint regarding the matter and assured that she would take action if complaints were lodged.
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