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Coming soon, kiosks at subways

Coming soon, kiosks at subways
Now, women in Delhi don’t need to think twice before crossing the road using subways in the national Capital. To provide <g data-gr-id="44">safer</g> environment to women especially during dark hours, Delhi Traffic Police are likely to give a proposal to the concerned authorities to allow kiosks at such subways.  

Speaking to Millennium Post, Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) expressed his concern about the rising crime against women especially on the streets during dark hours. “I personally want to make the city safe for women. Whatever necessary steps need to be initiated by the traffic department I will do that,” Chander said.  

The officer further added that pedestrians, especially women do not feel safe using the subways because of which they opt to cross the road putting their lives at risk. The reason behind the hesitation to use subways is that usually they remain isolated and become risky. 

At times, there is dim lighting inside subways that attracts criminals and anti-social elements.  
“Low maintenance of such subways, improper lights, no guards or police are deployed in either of the subways in Delhi. Also, the subways with <g data-gr-id="35">lack</g> of these facilities invite criminals,” he said. 

Giving the solution to this problem, he said: “If we allow particular persons to open kiosks at the subways, it will help women feel safer while using them.” 

Delhi Traffic Police will soon write a letter to the concerned authorities who are responsible for the maintenance of subways to accept the proposal of opening kiosks. <g data-gr-id="47">Usual</g> procedure of issuing tenders will be followed to allow the opening of kiosks. Persons who are interested to open a small time shop can open kiosks like snacks shop, cloth stalls, food stalls, mobile recharge stalls.  

“If kiosks are opened in the subways, shopkeepers will automatically keep his surroundings clean. 
Also, he will ensure proper lighting and safety measures in the nearby areas. In this way, the subways will automatically get safer. Also, the kiosks will encourage people to use subways as a result accidents of pedestrians could be curbed,” he added.  

Not only this but the subways could be converted into mini-<g data-gr-id="46">haats</g> to utilise <g data-gr-id="42">the space.</g> “If these proposals are finalised, then subways will be out of bounds for drug addicts and other illegal activities and will be well maintained instead of being used as urinals and a hub of vagabonds,” said the official. 
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