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Come to Parliament and give answers on demonetisation, Sharad Yadav to Modi

Taking a stand different from party President and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on demonetisation, Yadav joined a protest rally called by Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee here against demonetisation.

"You (Modi) can address a musical concert but cannot answer the opposition in Parliament. It is not your minister who brought the demonetisation, it is your decision, so the responsibility lies with you to give answers to the questions that are being raised," Yadav said at a rally here in Jantar Mantar.

"Today, the farmers are ruined, the workers are starving and the common people are queuing up in banks leaving aside their livelihood. Demonetisation has wreaked havoc on the lives of the common people.

"Who is responsible for the all the destruction that is being suffered by the people of they country? It is your responsibility but you don't come to Parliament," said Yadav.

He warned that if Modi continues to evade Parliament and fails to give answers, people will bring in a revolution.

"Come to Parliament and tell us the reasons. And if you don't, then remember, the Congress once had imposed Emergency and people had given a befitting reply then.

"Come to Parliament and tell why you wreaked havoc in the houses of farmers, fishermen, the poor, the common man.

"You must have heard of revolution, people will show you what revolution means," added Yadav.

While the opposition has been closing ranks and mounting a united fight against Modi over the demonetisation, Nitish Kumar has supported the Centre's move to spike Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.
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