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Come out of SP-BSP trap, BJP will make UP ‘Uttam’ Pradesh: PM

With the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election round the corner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday made an impassioned appeal to the people of the state to “come out of the trap of SP and BSP” and vote for BJP this time to usher in a corruption-free environment.

“UP has seen a lot of politics. All types of games have been played here. Those who wanted to play have played, those who wanted to get (something), they have got. Sometimes SP and then BSP, their world have moved, but yours have not changed. If you want to make UP a Uttam Pradesh in next 10 years, come out from the trap of SP and BSP,” he told a public meeting here.

Claiming that SP and BSP that have ruled the state alternately in the past 15 years are hand-in-gloves in hiding each other’s corruption, Modi said that whenever elections came both these parties raise corruption cases of each other, but did not act after they assumed office.

“Has BSP sent any SP man to jail in its five-year regime? Now they (SP) are also doing the same. These SP and BSP men used to confuse (the people). This game of SP and BSP is going on in the state. It has ruined the state,” he said.

Noting that not a single corruption case has come to the fore in his over two-and-a-half years of his government, Modi said, “You can see newspapers of 2014 that were filled with cases of corruption. Now have you heard any corruption case or scam in past two-and-a-half years? 

“There are honest officers and workers in the country but there is a need to empower them,” he said, adding the game of corruption going in UP should have to be ended.

To woo voters ahead of the Assembly polls due early next year, Modi said like in Lok Sabha polls, this time also the picture is clear as on one side there is a party which is worried about its “family” and the other is for the “chair”.

“BJP is the only one which is worried about UP. This time people of the state, especially youths, have to decide their fate. Your ancestors might have patronised SP or BSP, but if you think about yours and the state’s future, you all should consider BJP this time,” he said. “I want to do more work than that done by all PMs elected from UP taken together,” Modi told the “Maha Parivartan Rally” here in the Bundelkhand region. 

Trying to strike an emotional chord with the people of Bundelkhand, Modi said natural resources of the region were plundered by “mafias of political parties”.

“Did they (political parties) have guts to remove these mafias? Only BJP can fight them,” he said.

Alleging that under SP and BSP governments there were instances of “land grabbing”, he said these parties give tickets to those who grab lands and make them netas.

Laying stress on water management in Bundelkhand, Modi said the region has five rivers, but it still faced water scarcity. “In Gujarat, we have Narmada and another river and with water management, we succeeded in dealing with water crisis in the past 15 years,” he said.

Mentioning the ambitious scheme to connect rivers, Modi said it was a dream of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the incumbent Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti is taking it forward. “There are rivers which played havoc during rains and others are such which remain dry after rains. There is a need to connect them to ensure water availability,” he said.

Modi said the Centre had provided Rs 3,500-4,000 crore to Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh for development of the Bundelkhand region. While in MP 90 per cent of water needs have been met, in UP even 40 per cent of works had not been completed, he said.

“In UP, out of 70 irrigation schemes, none has been completed. In Bundelkhand of MP, 170 schemes have been completed. In UP’s Bundelkhand region, farmers have been ruined and money sent by the Centre was not used.

“Only 3,500 out of 30,000 wells, for which funds were provided by the Centre, were dug in UP. Where has the money gone, no one knows... In MP, work on 47,000 wells have been completed,” he said, seeking to draw a comparison between a BJP-ruled state and a non-BJP ruled state.

“In MP, work for storage of 6 lakh tonnes food grains was completed but in UP, not a single kg capacity of storage has been increased. In MP, 18,000 families were associated with animal husbandry, milk production etc but nothing was done in UP,” he said.

“In BJP-ruled state, money is utilised, but if there is SP or BSP government, they use this amount to play games,” he said.

Stating that he was indebted to UP, Modi said the state had given several PMs and he also became PM due to UP. “I want you to give such a government in UP, that I can do the maximum work for you. I am here to repay debt,” he said. “I am here to serve you, not to rule. Service is my dharma. I want to change lives of the farmers with your blessings,” he said.
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