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Come clean on coal allocation

The allocation of coal blocks by the Congress led-UPA governnent remains an issue that needs to be investigated. There are serious allegations of corruption against this government. This government has allocated these coal mines without due process. They have simply not followed the laid out procedure. This government has allegedly made crores out of the allocation of coal blocks all of which are illegal. The matter has not been investigated properly in the courts as yet. This is because the political parties have not yet debated the matter constructively in Parliament.

The coal issue has been hanging fire for some months. Even the firebrand activists who agitate constantly against corruption are silent on this issue. Why this is so is not clear. Unless the CBI has something to do with it. Why the CBI should have something to do with the lack of investigation into the mis-allocation of coal blocks is also not clear. Unless the coal minister has something to do with it. Is not the coal minister a member of Parliament? And the ministers owe a responsibility to Parliament. The coal minister owes an explanation to Parliament. And the Parliament owes an explanation to the people about how the coal blocks were allocated.

The government is not supposed to repeatedly allocate coal blocks. If an allocation is once made, coal is supposed to be dug up. The blocks once allocated are given for the duration that there is coal available for digging. If the coal is dug out then there is simply no coal left in the block to be allocated. It has expired. So how does the government, after the expiry of a coal block, continue to allocate it. Many of these coal blocks expired months ago, if not years. No further allocation can be made. So how has the government allocated the same coal blocks again and again remains a mystery.
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