Come clean on alliance, CM tells CPI(M) and Congress

Lambasting at the proposed electoral alliance between the Congress and the CPI(M), Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee on Friday asked both the parties to come up with an official tie up.

This is for the first time when Banerjee has come out in the open to criticise the “unofficial alliance” calling it “unethical and opportunistic.” 

It may be recalled that in the extended general body meeting of the party held in Netaji Indoor Stadium, Banerjee had said the alliance would not be able to make any dent in the poll prospect of the party.

“It seems that there will be alliance between the Congress and the CPI(M). Very good. I want official alliance between the two parties,” she said in the Assembly on Friday.

Even the heavyweights of the Congress and the CPI(M) know that neither the Congress high command nor the Central Committee of the CPI(M) will allow any official alliance between them.

Leaders of both the Congress and the CPI(M) know that their organisation was very weak in most of the districts compared to the Trinamool Congress. 

There are 77,200 booths in West Bengal and it is difficult to man them. As the Trinamool Congress has better organisation, it is easier for the party to go to people and tell them about the projects taken up by their party. It is a fact that crores of people living in rural areas have been benefited by the projects taken up by the state government. 

The leaders of both the parties know very well that their hardcore supporters will not vote for candidates belong to other parties.

A hardcore Congress worker in Baghbazar said, “It is impossible to walk with CPI(M) leaders in rallies. We have seen how CPI(M) cadres had beaten up our polling agents and workers in 1990 KMC election. We have seen how the CPI(M) used to criticise Indiraji and Rajiv Gandhi.” 

Similarly, a CPI(M) cadre in Baranagar said, “Two of my elder brothers were killed by Congress goons in 1971. How can I vote a Congress candidate?” He inquired saying that “it is unfortunate that after 34 years of rule our leaders are holding the hand of Congress.”

Neither the CPI(M) and Congress leaders are happy with some leaders. 

The state committee leaders of CPI(M) know that 67 leaders had spoken in favour of alliance but 13 are against. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh leaders in the Central Committee are against the alliance.

The Congress leaders, on the other hand are disturbed after posters criticising the alliance have been put up in Kolkata. 

They know that if the party leaders do badly in the election, those opposing the move will not spare them.

It may be recalled that in 1977 when Lok Sabha elections was held in March during emergency, the CPI(M) had open alliance with Janata party. 

The CPI(M) urged people to vote for Pratapm Chandra Chunder to defeat Hiren Mukherjee, the CPI candidate in Kolkata North east seat. 

“We have seen the nasty role of CPI(M) over and over again and this time the alliance which is based on opportunism will be defeated,” said a Trinamool leader.


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