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Come clean, DPS

The Delhi Public Schools all over the nation boast of an unmatched quality, as one exclusive to a DPS-bred. Indeed such a grooming is a privilege, and noble it is to want to make this privilege available to anyone who values and wishes for quality education. With this intention, the DPS Society claims  to have a motto to establish or run the school to uplift the country through education. Now in order for this motto to fructify, the DPS Society is open to invite collaboration from any willing investors.

Indeed real estate is a booming market in this nation, and what better idea than building a school. Businessmen offer their land to start schools under the DPS umbrella and private entrepreneurs are  interested in that. Building school, of a brand such as DPS , guarantees best returns from real estate investment, thus explaining its popularity and number beyond Delhi and even internationally.  Currently the DPS Society gives two separate agreements to its franchises, one of them approved by the CBSE and with no financial implications, and the other seeking to raise the affiliation fee from 10 to 12 lakhs. The second agreement in order to be legally established needs to be officially disclosed to the franchises but  this disclosure is withheld. 

So naturally, there emerges a question mark, why is the DPS Society not divulging the crucial agreement regarding the financial terms? Are they generating black money or are they just fiercely covering their ‘dubiously generated’ asset?  Except perhaps Gurgaon, a village only in name, which remote or rural  area has a DPS? Why are all the DPS schools in the main cities? And why are the DPS schools strictly in English medium, when English is not the language of remote and rural areas of India? Besides, it has a monstrous fee structure, and with this price how exactly does the DPS Society wish to uplift the nation through education?
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