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Colours that remain

Colours that remain
The dark pink toe nails...
The strands of green on the hair....
The white kurta which is everything but white!

Yes! The wanted or unwanted prints of the festival of colours would remain longer than we imagine. But beyond that there are the colours of life that change with time and age.

As a child, most of us long to grow up. Grow up to live an independent life. Little do we realise that life is perhaps most colourful when we are taken care of. The school bag though heavy isn’t a burden. It is the most magical phase of life. The biggest responsibility any child or teenager has is to read and study right. Sometimes the days of facing  examinations are dark yet those who get the opportunity to learn, to run, to play in the setting sun are indeed the lucky ones. Blessed are those who have their canvas of childhood painted with the right colours.

Life never remains static or constant. Time changes it all. As an adult, we do feel a bunch of undefined emotions when we look back. Nostalgia is romantic. It is like travelling a time machine. We go back and forth, we walk the lanes that are left behind. Our heart yearns to touch, smell, feel and live the past. The colour of yesteryears are too bright to be forgotten. The past is often the path that make or break us. Once broken, we fade. Yet, with every new dawn we dare to dream. Dreams keep our black-white-grey life alive. Dreams are nothing but a synonym to hope. Hope is colourful. Hope is bright.

Ask a lover, the colour of love. The answer would be well defined. Love when touches our lives do plaster us with emotions, actions, feelings that paint our souls. Those who have never loved are deprived of the true flavour of life: companionship. We need a hand to hold on to, a shoulder to lean on, a heart to feel us. Love is perhaps the most colourful word under the sun. Unrequitted love is perhaps painful, yet there is no denial to the fact: love defeated is still greater than what defeats it.

The city, the town, the sky, the rain, the room, the traffic, the every little thing around us has it’s own colour. Sometimes we are too eager to see and so we fail to watch it’s beauty.

The journey of life will have its own destiny. We are nothing but mere mortals trying our best to make it to our dreamland. Every breath, every drop of the day has to be lived with a smile. It won’t be easy to be happy. Obstacles, trials, issues will invade our way everyday. But the decision to remain happy is the one that we need to choose. Once we realize the value of the present, we would understand what a gift life itself is!

The festivals are perhaps a subtle reminder to life. Colours, light, celebrations would come and leave but as an individual our journey is what will create the future. Let’s make the best of today for a colourful tomorrow. The pallette of happiness, satisfaction and peace lie within us. Let us give a little effort to pick the right colours. And let us remember, sometimes the wrong is right.

Wish us a colourful everyday. Holy or a little unholy, we have the right to be happy.

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