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Colours of spring

Colours of spring
The Embassy of China in association with India- China Economic and Cultural Council  organized the Chinese New Year festival at Sirifort Auditorium.  Year 2014 is marked as 'Year of Friendship and Exchange' between India and China.

A special guest troupe ‘Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe’ was flown in from China to perform the New Year festivities marking the traditional Chinese holiday, also known as the 'Spring Festival'.  The evening was filled with music, dance and acrobatic show.

Parvez Dewan expressed his heartiest wishes to Chinese friends on this special occasion.

 Zhang Zhihong, Counsellor (Cultural), Embassy of China also extended warm New Year Greetings. 'Xin Chun Kuaile - Happy Chinese New Year -he said, adding, 'In the Chinese idiom and cultural totem, Horse represents valor, hardworking, strength and success.'

Mohammad Saqib, Secretary General, India-China Economic and Cultural Council, too wished the Indian and Chinese people a prosperous and successful year in the year of the Horse.

The evening started with the ‘Happy Spring Festival Dance’, a custom that expresses the good wishes of the Chinese people for New Year.

Young female members of the troupe showcased acrobatic movements with multiple colourful plates balancing on ends of long rods held on the hands. This was followed by stunts of mask changing, balancing on pipes and female modeling. Jaw-dropping feats of the show were plate-spinning, incredible gymnastics and roller- skating act on a round table,  that had audiences spellbound.. Acrobatics is an important part of modern Chinese variety art.

Artist Ang Aixia, showcased her talent of balancing bowls on the head. Lin Yunbin, an artiste of immense repute, showed skills of board jumping whereas Wei Linshan, performed a comic act that had the audience laughing out loud.
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