Colours of dreams and thoughts

Colours of dreams and thoughts
His exhibition called Evening Dreams and The Mind-Bending is a combined effort of three years. It’s a set of 30 paintings done on canvases with acrylics.

‘Evening Dreams is about myself. Its drawn from the early years I spent growing up. It also narrates my experiences, travels and journeys of life. The Mind-Bending on the other hand is inspired from outer space. The core of the universe, I believe, is not an external element but lies deep within,’ he adds.

At 23, he aspires to make people think through his art. How?

‘All my paintings are abstract expressions. They aim to take people back to their childhood or when we were born. When the mind was just a plain blank entity. It’s during this time the most creative thoughts develop,’ says Arash.

‘Since childhood I had an eye for colours. It’s unusual how my canvases appear by themselves when I apply the wash technique over them. Plus, whenever I start painting there are no preconcieved thoughts,’ he added.

Priced between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000, he calls his art work unique and rare, after which he is gearing up for his next series based upon vaanis from the Holy Guru Granth Sahib.


At- Arpana Art Gallery, Siri Fort Area
On till- Today
Timings- 3 pm onwards


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