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Colours from Israel

For its third participation at India Art Fair, the Bruno Art Group from Israel presents a selection of its most outstanding artists in the exhibition titled Colors of the World featuring artists like Raphael Abecassis, Yaacov Agam, Dganit Blechner, Simona Bocchi, Charles Fazzino, David Gerstein, SlavaIlyayev, Yuval Mahler, Anu Malhotra, Arnaud Nazare-Aga and Calman Shemi.

Color is the main theme of the booth. The language of colors binds the exhibiting artists and at the same time each of them uses color in a distinctly individual way. The artists used colors to depict narrations from life, atmosphere through figures and shapes of art.

The exhibition presents a gamut of contemporary masters from across the globe. From Israel there is Raphael  Abecassis the Israeli contemporary master in narration of Biblical stories: his work depicts with vivid colors traditions, mythical figures and iconographies; Yaacov Agam is the pioneer of the kinetic movement in art and its most outstanding contemporary representative as well as the highest-selling Israeli artist; Dganit Blechner is known for using bright and cheerful colors, together with extraordinary compositions of cities and icons from movies.

David Gerstein uses effective cut out steel layers of colors, Slava Ilyayev makes oil painting vibrant using the thickness of colors;  Yuval Mahler draws upon a rich supply of wry humor, satire, caricature and comedy to produce his insightful studies of human behavior and Israeli master Calman Shemi who developed the ‘soft painting’ technique. His motifs from nature become universal signs for land, water, sky, vegetation, and sunlight.

Arnaud Nazare-Aga, together with his wife Adeline from France create sculptures inspired by sensual lines, gentle roundness and glossy colors. Indian documentary film-maker Anu Malhotra’s impressive paintings showcase free and exuberant use of colors and inspiration from natural elements. Italian sculpture Simona Bocchi, based in Italy and India, expresses concepts of power and harmony of nature through the manipulation of marble, bronze and plaster. American artist Charles Fazzino is the most popular 3-D and highly-collected pop artist in the world today.

 ?Bruno Art Group, with galleries in Israel, Singapore, Turks and Caicos Islands and USA, is one of the few art houses that provides quality Israeli and international artwork by renowned masters of art. With over 100 years of expertise in the industry, Bruno Art Group was born from the passion of its founder Motti Abramovitz and evolved into one of the fastest growing art houses in the region. Works include spectacular art by great Israeli masters like Marcel Janco, Yaacov Agam, David Gerstein, Reuven Rubin – and many more.

January 29 - February 2 Where: NSIC Exhibition Grounds, New Delhi
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