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Colourful pants over denims this season

I have a heirloom lehenga, passed on to me by my grandmom. My cousin is getting married soon, and I wanted to wear that lehenga. Is there a way to wear it in a chic and modern way?

A heirloom is not only a part of the family history but also a great fashion investment passed on to you. You can always tweak it. Team a nice lace top with the lehenga. Wear the lehenga on a higher waist so that your heels can show. Keep accessories to a bare minimum with one chunky statement piece. Your lehenga will enjoy a chic makeover in no time.

Coloured pants are everywhere. Is it a good idea to splurge on them?

Coloured pants are ruling the roost now, but they are fads. It's not a bad idea to have a couple of them in your wardrobe, since colour is the buzzword in fashion now. Try and invest on the colourful cotton pants rather then the denims for comfort. Investing in a few lacy colourful shorts can also be a good option.

Compared to my body, my hips are heavier, what should be choice of clothes to cover up this problem?

There are hard and fast rules for this. Indian women generally tend to have heavier hips, just be careful about the cuts and fits. Tunics can be a nice option for regular office wear, but the length should be till your hips. The idea is to cover up the problem portion and highlight the good ones. Saree will enhance your body type and stay away from too much fitted clothes.

Please tell me the thumb rules for wearing an off shoulder dress. I want to be extra cautious since I am trying it for the first time, and also because it's a birthday gift from my boyfriend.

Well, trying to look good, and to dress according to the occasion doesn't come for free. Be careful that your shoulders are well toned, devoid of any marks or rashes. Also avoid off-shoulder if you have bulges popping out, because they wil ruin the look instead of building it up. You can wither choose to highlight your shoulder part with some dainty neckpieces or you can choose to cover it up with some interesting scarf.

My friend had gifted me a nice chunky watch in  neon colours for my last birthday. But I am not to sure about how to team it up. Is there a way to tone it down?

Well, colours and chunky watches are the flavour of the season. If you want your watch to take the centre stage then keep everything from clothes to accessories in a subtle colour, or you can also stack up some colourful bangles with ur chunky watch for a boho-chic look. Both will go well.

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