Coast guard raises issue of anti-nationals exploiting Sundarbans

The Coast guard on Friday raised the issue of exploitation of uninhabited islands of Sundarbans along the Indo-Bangla border by anti-national elements at a meeting with other defence and security agencies.

At the second Annual Lead Intelligence Agency Conference here, the Coast Guard which is the lead intelligence agency for coastal borders and the coordinating agency for coastal security, pointed out the vulnerabilities due to topography and riverine patches along India-Bangladesh borders.

“The exploitation of uninhabited islands by anti-national elements was also discussed at length including comprehensive mapping of Sundarbans and augmentation of marine police for an effective surveillance,” a statement from the Coast Guard said.

Out of the 102 islands on the Indian side of Sundarbans, 48 are uninhabited. The conference was attended by representatives of the Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Intelligence Branch of West Bengal government, NCB, SIB, BSF, NSG and Coastal Police.

The porous nature of the border has led to numerous trans-border problems in the recent past, including infiltration, smuggling of arms and contraband goods and illegal movement into West Bengal.


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