CM urges party members to ensure benefits for the underprivileged

CM urges party members to ensure benefits for the underprivileged
Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee has urged political leaders to ensure that the poor people receive the benefit of the schemes taken up by the state government.

On Saturday she met the leaders from Birbhum. Partha Chatterjee, secretary general of the party and Firhad Hakim State Urban Development and Municipal Affairs minister were present at the meeting.

She has asked the block leaders of Mayuereswar to explain why an irate crowd had attacked the police station on Friday. “Such incidents will not be tolerated in future and those involved in the incident will not be spared,” she said.

She cautioned the leaders not to give any irresponsible statements that could tarnish the image of the party. 

“Behave sensibly and remember that you belong to a political party and so anything that lowers the image of the party in public will not be tolerated,” Banerjee said.

She asked the leaders to work sincerely in the area and not lobby for tickets in the ensuing Assembly elections. 

It may be recalled that party’s Birbhum president Anubrata Mondal had issued strong statements against leaders and workers of other political parties. 

Banerjee asked the leaders to restrain from making such statements. She also said that such incidents will be looked into seriously.

She said tickets will be given on the basis of honesty and sincerity and no muscle flexing by leaders would be tolerated. 

She made it very clear that the leaders should be sober and their primary business would be to make people aware about various development projects taken up by the state government. 

She once again reiterated that infighting would not be tolerated and stern action will be taken against those found involved in infighting.

“The party is meant for the poor people and anyone doing anything that hits the interest of public 
will not be spared,” Banerjee said.
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