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CM slams Modi, accuses CPI(M), Cong of spreading lies

“We want answer from him on the matter. He is coming to the state to support his party candidates and making big claims. The Centre has reduced the fund allocation on many projects and he is talking about development of Bengal,” she remarked.

She said CPI(M) and Congress’s sole business is to lodge complaint to Modi against me. “Holding a binocular the duo is trying to spot me and is calling up Modi to lodge complaint.” 

She reiterated that a syndicate of complaint had come up in West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee said it was unfortunate that the Opposition parties were actually relying on character assassination and spreading canards against her rather than talking about development. “It has become their democratic right to criticise me and if I say anything they all pounce on me.”

She said the state government had to pay interest of the loans taken by the CPI(M) government. “It is a huge amount and despite that we have increased earnings by making plans,” she said. 

Banerjee pointed out the state government had made payment of teachers mandatory on the first day of every month. It was also prompt in issuing caste certificates and giving cycles to students of the state run schools. “The Opposition know that they will not be able to fight against me and so have chosen to spread canards against me,” she maintained.

Without naming Somen Mitra, Congress candidate from the seat she said, “The Congress has sold itself to the Left and an unholy alliance has come up in the state.”

Mamata  Banerjee said  a ‘naya avatar’ had come up in Bengal in the form of the owner of a private media house, Aveek Sarkar. He thinks that he will be the chief architect of the alliance and will teach people what is right and what is wrong. 

“If he is interested in changing the state why is he not taking part in election. He should have contested against Nayana Bandopadhyay. But he will never do that. Instead he will make nasty plans sitting in air conditioned chamber.”

Chowringhee constituency is likely to witness an interesting fight between the sitting MLA Nayana Bandopadhyay and the veteran politician Somen Mitra. The balance is evenly poised. The turn-out of people was very impressive and Banerjee’s presence had augmented the election temp in the constituency.
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