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CM Kejriwal, Hazare take potshots at ‘anti-farmer’ bill

CM Kejriwal, Hazare take potshots at ‘anti-farmer’ bill
Kejriwal slammed Modi government and said interests of the poor and farmers must be protected and assured the gathering that compensation as per market rates will be given to anyone for land in Delhi. “If we want to develop this nation, then we have to take the public along. We cannot do by running bulldozer over them. Then the public will run the bulldozer over you,” said Kejriwal.

“If the government wants to do development, if we want to open schools, build hospitals, if we want to build metro, if we want to give facilities, I’ve seen that public will willingly give their land,” he added.

Kejriwal called the compensation prescribed in the law as ‘betrayal’. He further said “What they are claiming to be four times the rate is actually a betrayal. Just now someone told me that in Meerut, the circle rate is Rs 2,000, the market rate is Rs 20,000. These people say they will pay four-times which will be Rs 8,000 while the market rate is Rs 20,000. This is betrayal, the entire law is betrayal.”

Meanwhile, earlier before Kejriwal arrived at Jantar Mantar, Hazare said that he would allow politicians to come on stage at the protest if all the Chief Ministers joined his protest. “If all Chief Ministers join protest, they can come on stage,” said Hazare, responding to a question on whether or not Kejriwal would be allowed on stage at the protest. “Politicians belong to this country. People who run the government belong to this country. Farmers who are facing injustice also belong to this country. Everybody together should protest against this Ordinance,” said Hazare.
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